Agnitio Recycle Initiative:

As a part of our recycle initiative, we send our Agnitio waste to a mill who recycle it. After recycling the paper waste is made in to pulp and rolled in to pencils. And also pens. In an additional steps forward, there are plant seeds kept on back side of pencil inside soluble natural material. So once the pencil is used, and thrown on ground, the seeds are released to soil. And plants are grown.

Agnitio youth empowerment initiative:

At Agnitio we care for our young generation who are going to drive our future nation. So we have taken up many initiatives and one of them is providing financial aid, books and sports equipment’s to coimbatore Government higher secondary school. We have allocated 1% of our profit margin and every month we sponsor the basic needs for the students.

Tamil Nadu Association for the Blind:

Agnitio Systems provides fund every month to buy the basic necessity needed for those physical challenged at Tamilnadu Association for the Blinds.

Sewage Treatment Plant in Vijayapuram Village:

Vijayapuram Village is one of the prominent village in Tiruppur City limits.There are about 10000 families living in Vijayapuram village. Due to lack of sewage water treatment plants, the waste water is getting collected in the village pond. Which used to collect fresh water during rainy seasons before 10 years.

Due to this drinking water supply pipes near this pond gets contaminated and lot of children gets affected by water borne diseases. Another issue is mosquito generation. This water pond is a big breeding ground for dengue mosquitos. Our corporation is trying to contain the mosquito breeding by mixing mosquito killing chemicals. But due to chemical mixing the soil is getting affected.

People from Agnitio has taken this personally as they live in this village for more than 30 years. We are planning to bring back the pristine look of Vijayapuram pond by creating a sewage treatment plant and create a mangrove pond and fish pond in the current area. We are keeping 4 options for our new pond and will implement the one which the people around this area chooses.

This proposal is in planning stage and we are in talks with many eminent organizations in India and abroad to help us in this initiative.

Our government will be ready to help this project if we find sponsors. So we are approaching factories in and around this area, to provide us with funds from their CSR initiatives.

Current Situation
Proposed Change
Solid waste management initiative

Agnitio Systems is developing and providing free mobile app for corporation staffs to track the amount of different type of solid municipal waste collected in Tiruppur, Erode and Coimbatore corporations.